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Meet my family!

This will just be a summary of how we met as a couple to where we are now as parents.

It all began when Justin was looking for a girl with red curly hair/dancer on Facebook. Yip you read right, FB. I was new to Facebook, so I accepted his friend request, but checked his profile and saw that he is church going and serves God.

We started chatting and getting to know each other. Two weeks later this dude asks me if I'd be his girlfriend. Say whaaaaaat! Umm Hell To The No! About a month later I told him to ask me again... And I said yes.

My Daddy went away for a weekend and Justin asked if he could stay over that weekend. I was in that phase of "Love is blind" and got all excited, asking my Mommy if he can. Omw she said yes. Now my sister who's a year older than me (yes 24) thought we were just crazy, not knowing is this dude was some serial killer or had all his nuts and bolts shaking around in his head with no brain present.

That weekend I was so happy, but my sister locked the door each night, and Justin and I would chat on MXit while in two separate rooms. Lol!

Dating days in 2009 (Check the afro!)

Fast forward to 2011. I 100% knew Justin would propose on our 2nd dating anniversary. Umm he only hinted how he'd love to propose on that day, like a million times. OMHat.

Anyway, very long story short... he proposed and I said yes.

Engagement Ring
I said yes... Obviously

3 March 2013: We got married. It was such a beautiful day. We DIY'ed all our decor and invitations. I'm the Queen of Budget. My dress I bought at YDE and I wore Latin Dance Heels covered in purple satin (my favourite colour). My jewelry was from Honey and I made my boquet myself. Justin wore Levi's blue jeans and white shirt with a light blue blazer and Chuck Taylors. My bridesmaids dresses I bought for R50 each (told you I'm the Queen of Budget). I had the Paige Boy walking in with one of those metre long candy cane sweets as a cane and the Flower Girl with a really big round candy. Our colour scheme was Rainbow.

I like being different, so we never had a wedding cake; instead we had a giant teacup filled with 100 of my fave sweet treats MACARON'S. On either side of the teacup we had a frame with our parents on their wedding day. Justin's Father passed away when he was 17 years old, so this was very special.

Nothing prepares you for the downs of marriage, but when you love someone you can make it through the toughest life lessons. It was tough not being able to conceive; not wanting to go to a Dr. to hear that we can't; seeing one post after the other saying "We're expecting", "I'm pregnant", "We're having a baby". All I could do was ask "God, why me." So many times thinking, "I am", but then "I'm not". We got to a point where we said to God that as much as it hurts, we are accepting that it's never going to happen and won't ponder on it any longer. We never thought we'd ever conceive, and one day it was like I just had to get another test. It felt different this time, but I still thought this is the last time I'll check, and when I saw it saying 3+ weeks pregnant, I really couldn't believe it... We couldn't believe it. We named her before she was even formed in my womb. We didn't know it would be a girl, but we named her. How great is God. I honestly still can't believe she's here.

Our announcement pic
Faith Charlotte Kroukamp was born - 19 Sept 2017

Look Mama! I can lift my head and support myself. :)

And so our journey as Parents began on 19 September 2017... Please send help, I need sleep, as in I need to catch up on 2 years of sleep! HELP!

Faith & I when she was 11 months young
Faith & Justin when she was 11 months young

Faith now - Age 2

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