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Your Child Isn't On Track!

How old is she?


Oh mine is also 2.5 years and she can say the whole alphabet. She knows my phone number. She can jump quite high.

Blah... Blah... Bladdy BLAH!

Are you That Mom? Then shut up already! We really don't care.

Look at and think of what you're doing to some Mom's and in turn they are perhaps new Moms like me, and unknowingly begin to judge their kids by having the mindset that "they're supposed to be doing this and that at this age already, so what's wrong with my child."

Toddlers don't know that their Mom didn't know any better at the time and oh how our hearts break when they become so sad or cry because they can't do what is expected of them.

"It saddens me."

I'm just glad that I'm the type of person that doesn't phase myself for long with other people's negative opinions, especially when it comes to my child. I've distanced myself from someone who was considered a friend. She constantly compared Faith to her child and kept asking me why Faith wasn't reaching her milestones. Then continued to tell me how good her child is at this and that.

So I asked her to stop. She just didn't. Well goodbye negativity...

So I could go into this topic and have so much more to say. I'm sure there are some of you Moms who've gone through or is going through this and it really does hurt one as a Mother and makes you question if you're doing anything wrong or if something is wrong with your child.

No. You're his/her Mother. You'll know if something's seriously out of place, but if their Milestones happen a few months later, don't say they're delayed or not on track.

They're on track... Their track, and who said it must be in the Sprinting section. Pshht!

To the Moms who unknowingly put this pressure on another Mom, please stop? It really isn't your place, and we as Moms should be uplifting and helping each other.

Your child is my child... That's the attitude we should have.

When I see another Mom's child just has a bad cold that last for days, something so simple... then I feel so sad for that little one and hope they get well soon.

We tend to get caught up in these stereotypes and life standards others have set out and deem as what's right. Our minds get so clouded that we don't remain focused on what's most important... Family.

Praise your child for getting that one colour correct out of 5 colours; for counting to 5 instead of 10; for pedaling on that tricycle twice; for knowing when to say please and thank you, even if it comes out as "P-yees and Tang you" :)

Your child will love you for noticing and being proud of even their smallest accomplishments.

With this blog I didn't want to drag things out and just be to the point. So thank you for taking some time to read another one of my heartstrings which I'm sure isn't just for toddler Moms.

Care to be kind?

"Thank you Mama!"

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